What is Orifice Union Flange?

What is Orifice Union Flange?

An “Orifice Union Flange” is a type of flange used in pipelines to install an orifice plate for the measurement of fluid flow. It is a combination of an orifice flange and a union.

The Orifice Union Flange consists of two flanges, one with an orifice plate installed between them, and a union that connects the two flanges. The union allows for the removal and replacement of the orifice plate without having to remove the entire flange assembly from the pipeline.

The orifice plate has a small hole (or orifice) in it that creates a restriction in the flow of the fluid, which causes a pressure drop that can be measured to determine the flow rate. The Orifice Union Flange is commonly used in oil and gas production, chemical processing, and other industries where accurate flow measurement is important.

Orifice Union Flanges are available in various sizes, materials, and pressure ratings to suit different pipeline applications and requirements.

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