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Power of Guru’s feet

The Guru-Shishya Parampara

by Inkless Diary

Power of Guru’s feet

Sanatans backbone is the guru-shishya parampara . The so calledpeople , who are against guru-s, who abuse gurus and think they can explore the great truths of Hinduism without a guru are directly abusing sanatana dharma

The guru parampara is the chain through which all knowledge and initiations of the supreme contained.

Every Sanatan who is reading this! take an oath to support, celebrate, defend and voice out for the gurus and the enlightenment ecosystem which they have established.

Tirumantiram (revealed by the great yogi Thirumular )

Power of Guru’s feet

Verse 1698

Aṭivait taruḷuti yācāṉiṉ ṟuṉṉā
aṭivaitta māmuṭi māyap piṟavi
aṭivaitta kāya aruṭcatti yālē
aṭipeṟṟa ñāṉatta ṉācaṟṟu ḷōṉē

The Power of Guru’s Feet
“Oh! my Holy Master!
Do grace me with your feet on my head,”
–Thus, I prayed, this day;
And as he placed his feet
All births to vanish;
This body that was blessed thus
Received Grace of Arul Sakti
And I became a Jnani ripe,
Forever, blemish devoid.

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